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Swedish Game Fair AB
Romfartuna Nortuna
SE-725 94 Västerås, SWEDEN

Torbjörn Larsson
E-post: torbjorn.larsson@nortuna.se
Tel: +46 21 270 40

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Tent Supplier

Hallton AB

Jan Johansson
Mobile: +46 70-558 80 10
E-mail: jan.johansson@hallton.se


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VAT rules for taxation of fair service.

VAT on trade with EU countries:
The service is considered to be traded and must be taxed in the country where the buyer is established and has its business if the buyer is a trader. The trader is a legal person registered for VAT purposes. This means that Swedish Game Fair invoices without VAT and the buyer is taxed in his home country. In order for Swedish Game Fair to be able to invoice without VAT, the buyer must be able to provide a valid VAT number.
If the buyer cannot present a valid VAT number, the sales country is considered to be Sweden and Swedish VAT is charged.

VAT on trade with non-EU countries:

If the buyer is established and has his business in a country outside the EU, no VAT is charged and the buyer should not be taxed within the EU.